Please Help Me Save My Relationship!

Question: My husband and I have been together for 11 years and at times I want to give up because he doesn’t change his ways like he has promised he would. I want to save our relationship, but I don’t want to wait forever, if he is going to continue to be the same forever. It seems like something has a hold on him and makes him not do the right thing. Please help!

Dear Sweet Angel,
We hear you and can feel your pained heart as you continue to see your husband in his pain as well. You say that you’ve been married for 11 years and you are waiting for your husband to change, but he does not appear to be changing. You say you feel as if something has a hold on him preventing him from changing. His change you feel would be the right thing for your marriage.

We would like first to speak of the concept of right and wrong. From our perspective there is no right way or wrong way, there is simply the way; now this may seem very confusing to you, so let us explain.
You see your husband’s ways of expressing himself as not right for your happiness. Clearly you would like to see him behave as you expect him to. If he does not meet with your expectations you see the behavior as bad and a weakness of his character. He may or may not see his behavior in the same way as you. So who is to say what is right and what is wrong. The behavior is simply an action. It is then determined by the observer to be right or wrong.

From our perspective all actions are part of the experiencing of the consciousness of that which one is focused within for the purpose of expansion in order for the soul’s growth. So then your husband’s behavior is part of his expression of his current level of conscious awareness.

You, also have your ways of behaving, like your husband, your behaviors match your current level of conscious awareness. Your consciousness holds the belief of right and wrong action. This is the action of judgment, which is to view or observe and event and define it as correct or incorrect.

Now, we are not meaning to imply that you are incorrect in your belief for all have the right to believe as they choose. However, as all expand their consciousness they find it necessary to let go of beliefs that no longer serve them and shift into new beliefs that are a match their new level of conscious awareness.

As we speak now to you, we wish for you to understand that to find your happiness and to experience the changes that you would like (and so deserve) to experience in your marriage, we suggest to you that you be the force of change.
We suggest that you begin by shifting your focus from the behaviors that you see as wrong with your husband to seeing all that you feel is right in husband and your marriage. Focus only on what is appreciated by you and not at all on what displeases you. It would be beneficial for you to create a written list of all that your appreciate about your husband. This action on your part will shift your focus and you will shift your energy from displeasure to appreciation, from fear of no change to the realization that you have the power to change the energy in your marriage.

The letting go of the expectations surrounding your husband’s ways of behaving and focusing instead on what is positive in your relationship, this serves to shift the energy from disempowerment to empowerment. You may find that your husband begins to respond in a much different manner as he begins to feel and respond from the energy of appreciation and not disappointment and failure.

This shift will change your way of being as well. You see dear one, your partner is not responsible for you happiness or lack of happiness, only you are! This is true for everyone. As you begin to shift your focus to that of appreciation your own vibration will shift and new experiences will come your way. You will begin to see life differently.

The next step (when you feel ready) is to begin to ask yourself where in me (my thoughts and beliefs) is the match for my husband’s behavior. If your husband’s actions are abusive in nature, say where am I being abusive? Is it possible that I am abusing myself by holding beliefs that I am not worthy of happiness? You see, what you experience around you in your life including the behaviors of all others is a reflection of what you are thinking about you. This is also true for all.

Now we have suggested ways for you to jump into action to shift your current situation without going into the personal dynamics of your relationship. There is also much for both you and your husband to learn. But what we want you to know is that you have the power within you to be the change you wish to see in your relationship and in your world.

We hope you set about to begin to experience your power! This will assist you in making any and all decisions you need to experience the happiness you deserve.

Blessings of Abundant Happiness and Harmony!

In Love,
The Voice of Divine Oneness


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I’ve Been Wondering Why In This Lifetime I Have Chosen To Come Back To Earth?

Question: Why am I here? I’ve been wondering why in this lifetime I have chosen to come back to earth. Am I a master teacher?

Okay! Let us  begin by addressing the first part of your question, Why am I here? We feel as we answer this part it will also address the other parts, as it is all truly one question.

You ask, Why am I here?  We ask you, Are you truly feeling that you are not aware of the greater purpose of your being on this planet at this time.? Can you not feel deep within your body the movement of forces from the “sleeper” to the “awakening?” We feel you are aware! Yet, you question your role in this grand play of life, at this time.

Let us speak to you to remind you that all who enter this play of life have purpose, and the purpose is for the experiencing of the consciousness of which you be in each and every Divine moment.  Here on this grand planet, you are able to share in the collective expansion of consciousness. You are able to feel, feel, feel your Divine presence and experience your essence . This is such a Divine experience that many are unaware of participating in expansion.

It is here on earth that you are sharing with the Divine consciousness of Mother Gaia, as she is working within and through all to open up, to step into the heart, and begin the return to Love! Gaia (Mother Earth) supports all life forms upon her and within her body in Divine order. Her highly evolved state of consciousness, is like yours, ever expanding as she allows for the play of life to take place on her stage (so-to-speak).

When the opportunity arose (a physical vehicle became available) you jumped into the game so eagerly and so filled with love for Gaia. You came here to be of service to the highest order of all. In doing so, you serve your purpose of experiencing yourself as the magnificent essence of the Divine Mind, the One Heart, the Source of All!

Yes, you are a teacher as well as a student, here and now to expand the consciousness of your soul together with the consciousness of the Divine Mother Gaia. As you connect to the Divine mother and feel your essence you move closer to unity consciousness of the Divine Mother/Father energy. Heightened awareness of consciousness in the process of experiencing the Oneness and creates the master teacher.

So we say to you, you are right where you need be for the true experiencing of you! Be careful not to concern yourself with how far along you are, just allow for the unfolding of the Divine Oneness of that which you are — all are as all are part of the eternal expansion!

Blessings of Peace and Merriment for your unfolding!

In Love,

The Voice of Divine Oneness


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What is Hell? How Do I Never Go There?

What is Hell? It sounds so scary…lakes or fire? Satan? What makes a person get there? How do I never go there?

We are to answer this question in two ways. The first way is in a general context and the second is in a personal context. As we are teachers of the Voice of Divine Oneness, we speak only of Love. We hold only Love in all that we are. Our expression is therefore one of Pure Love.

We know only the beauty contained in all life. All holds beauty as all is Love. This is true for all of creation. All that you see around you is Love; you are Love. Yet, you do not recognize this Love. You are filled with fear and as such, you focus your energy on living with fears.

You ask, is there a hell? What makes a person go there? And how do I never go there? Why have you not asked us, is there a Heaven? How do I get there? What is it like in Heaven? Does anything exist outside of Heaven?

One creates with the powers of their own mind a conscious state of Heaven or a dark, lonely existence fraught with fear, which is then their own Hell. Both of these experiences appear to be very real. So does Hell truly exist? We would answer yes, but only as a state of consciousness, and not as place for sinners to be summoned upon departure from the physical experience.

Dear Angel,

We hear your questions and we feel your stress. There is so much we wish to share with you, but we do realize there is only so much that you are able to understand at this time.

We do like your questions and feel that many will be stirred by our answers.

To begin, let us say that we are not seeking to preach teachings of the existence of a Hell or a Heaven. Or to paint a picture for your mind to respond to of what either may be for you. Instead, we answer your questions from the perspective of that which we are; Love. We are the Voice of Divine Oneness and the Path of Love is what we speak: Only Love! We are only Love. This may be said also of you — you are only Love, yet you have not come upon this realization of this absolute truth.

You see, all of creation is Love. Love is truly all that exists. This principle is an absolute truth and is for all to realize as your consciousness expands through life experiences. It is the experiencing of life the presents to you your world. This world takes place from your mind. It is your own thoughts and beliefs that create your experience or reality.

Just stop and think for a moment of the first feeling of being in Love. Use your imagination to recall details of your experience. When in love all have the feeling that all is absolutely perfect.  The colors all around you may seem brighter, you have a sunny outlook for your life and everything is wonderful. Why? You see, you are creating the feelings by your thoughts that all is perfect.

Now you can see and feel this as an example of how you create your reality. You bring joy and happiness into your experience as your thoughts are of love.

The same can be said of the experience of wanting a particular job. You go on the interview feeling you want this job, it is perfect for you and you can see yourself working at this job, you can feel it is correct. This results in you getting the job! When you receive the news, you are exuberant, jumping for joy and at that moment your world seems so perfect. All is bright, and you’re in a beautiful place within your mind. Everything appears to be going your way. You are happy!

In both of these examples, we can say that within your mind you’re hopeful and happy; everything is grand. This is an example of experiencing a sense of Heaven within your mind. You see these experiences are aligned with your beliefs about what is good in your world. To be in love- ah…This is a wonderful experience and one of which all appreciate. Who does not call for love to be their experience?

Gaining employment in the place you so desire to work is also a grand experience of which matches a belief within your mind of wanting this job and the value of receiving it so therefore, all is Heavenly in your mind. These are but two examples used here just for you, as there are many others we could have chosen as well. But this will do for now.

So you can see that all is well within the mind now and this remains so until the experience changes. What if after beginning the new job, you find that your supervisor is a very angry individual who yells a lot and often criticizes all of her employees. After working at this job for several weeks, you find that you do not appreciate this position, in fact, your body does not want to get up out of bed in the morning and you have constant headaches from the stress. You really want to quit this job, but your mind says no, don’t quit, you need the money to pay your rent and to care for yourself. What if you quit and can’t find another job: So the thoughts go round and round in your head. These are fearful thoughts. You see Dear One; all fearful thoughts are not aligned with the truth of your being; which is Love. And as such these fearful thoughts cause stress in the mind and body to various degrees. This trouble within the mind is a condition that may be called Hell. It often appears to be a place of which one feels stuck with no way out.

Heaven and Hell can only ever be and experience and experiences take place within the mind.

One whose mind is filled with fearful thoughts exists within the Hell of their own creation. As one grows in understanding of their true Divine nature, one begins to experience life from a very different perspective as the power of Love in action. The Love of God, God‘s Love is the power in all and around all always, but it must first be experienced in one’s consciousness to become one’s reality.

So we ask you now, do you feel it is best to live in a state of fear, or be it best to learn how to release your fears and embrace the Power of Love. Thus, exiting Hell and entering Heaven. As Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within You!

To answer the question how does one enter hell? We say always and ONLY through one’s own mind by the thoughts one chooses to focus on.

So if you want to enter Heaven watch your thoughts. Are you being kind, thoughtful, compassionate, generous, loving, understanding, and patient with yourself and others around you, including all living beings? Are you living with Faith, Hope, and Trust in yourself as a Divine Being. Thus Divinely Loved, Guided and Supported always in All Ways? Or are you consumed with anger, vengance, jealousy, hatred, judgments, prejudice, fear etc. You see how it is that your thoughts that take you wherever you want to go.

Know this… NO ONE or NO THING ever holds power over you, unless you say so. There is no force outside of you that has power over you once you truly realize that you create your reality by your thoughts.

When one comes to this grand understanding, the door of Heaven is open and one begins to live their life in Heaven, returning to the True Source within oneself and all of creation. We call this Source God. The Infinite Creative Intelligence in all! Always!

Aligned with the God within one can only experience all that is good. Can you see now how it is that Heaven is with you and all?

You may begin by looking to see the beauty in you and then you will soon see the beauty that surrounds you. The choice is always yours, focus on Heaven and let the fires of Hell burn out.

We have spoken at your level of understanding and do want you to know that you are never alone! No one is ever alone.  You and all are always supported and Loved by the force of which you were created. You are a Divine Child of God.

Peace Be Yours,

The Voice of Divine Oneness.


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Where is My Spirit Guiding Me?

Question: Where is my spirit guiding me? The journey seems to lead to chaos.

Dear Dreamer,

You ask where your spirit is guiding you as the journey seems to lead to chaos.

To begin let us look at your desires. You have many! So many that it would appear to you that you are being lead in many different directions. First you find yourself beginning in one direction, thinking it is the way to go, only to be led in a different direction; resulting in confusion.

You are experimenting with your ability to manifest your desires. This is producing some satisfying results along with some experiences that leave you saying, “What the heck is going on. I don’t understand.”  Fret not! This is part of your learning process.

You are beginning to see that you have a very unique role to play in life. One that you try to control only to realize that things just don’t always work out the way you want them to. Hmmm! What do you think the message here is?

Yes, you are correct in that you are being gently guided and you are able to sense this guidance. Sometimes you accept it and other times it meets with resistance as you have what you feel is a better way. So you then begin to go your way and when things do not work as you planned, you say — Spirit is guiding me to chaos.

Are you ready to learn to truly listen and follow the knowing of your Inner Voice? Even when you think it must be another way? You see Dear One; you have reached a point in your spiritual development where release of ‘Control‘ is necessary. It is time to begin to heed your Inner Voice with Trust and Faith that you are on your ‘correct path’ and all is as it need be.

We suggest you sit quietly and allow yourself to fully relax and let your mind just be. Place your focus not on your thoughts, but on your breath! Follow each breath in and out (very gently – not forcing your breath – a normal rhythmic flow). When you are completely relaxed you may turn your attention to one of your desired, let us say career paths. Now pay attention to your breath and the feeling in your body as you work with your thoughts (this could be any decision you are seeking to make). Does your breathing change? Does it remain relaxed? Do you remain calm and relaxed or do you begin to feel unsettled: (a need to move your position or scratch or become fidgety).

As you work with your thoughts, which when aligned with your spirit’s guidance, your body will remain relaxed. If your thought is your ego trying to control, your body will react and become unsettled. This is a very basic description, but we feel it will suffice.

You see your chaos is of your own making. It is a wonderful way for you to learn about you: How to read your body; how to listen to your Inner Voice! This voice is always without strain and it is always clear never leading you in a direction that is not aligned with your spirit. When you become agitated or confused, it is because you’ve allowed yourself to be led by your ego. When you are not balanced and centered, life appears to jostle you around a bit. You call it chaos. Yet, the clarity you seek is within this chaos, all you need do is find your balance.

Ask yourself; in what directions do I really want to go with my life experiences? What is truly speaking to me from my inner heart? Once you have established the direction, set your sights only on this direction. Use your body to help guide you along the way. You may use positive affirmations and visualization techniques, but also pay close attention to how you feel when you are using these techniques. This will help you deepen your understanding of you and how to work with your true guidance.

You see, sometimes you think you want something very much, but actually it is not part of your true desires. It just may be serving your ego. Thus, when you succeed in manifesting what you desired it does not turn out so smooth.

We would like you to read what has been given and practice feeling for at least 14 days. Paying attention to your body’s responses and learning how to go with the flow. Thus, relaxing the need to control, this will make way for your Inner Voice to be heard clearly. If after at least 14 days, you are still having difficulty, please write and let us know what your new experiences are and we will address your concerns.

You are truly doing a wonderful job. Just allow yourself to relax and accept all is as it need be.

Peace Be Yours!

Voice of Divine Oneness


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I Know That There Is Something I AM Here To Do…But What Is It?

Hi Aumara, Thank you for being available to guide and support us on our journey. One of my biggest challenges in life, and on the spiritual path, is to know which direction to go. Even though I know that there is no right or wrong path necessarily, and that what matters is the attitude in which you approach anything you do, I also know, and have known for as long as I can remember, that there is something specific that I am here to do. Some say that I am being a spoiled brat for thinking this way, and that I should take any job that comes my way, especially given my current financial situation. But the thought of doing that deeply saddens me. As if I am grieving the loss of something I have not yet found. Maybe they are right, and if they are I need to know soon. I am learning to listen to my guidance but am often confused between what is true divine guidance verses what is ego or fear driven guidance. I am beginning to learn to decipher the quality of the messages but still feel stuck and afraid to move towards my hearts desire, and away from what seems like the safer path. I lose sight of what is true. I hope you can shed some light on my dilemma. With much love and abundant blessings

Dear Beautiful Shinning Star,

Your light is so bright! But you do not yet see it! You look towards all of the other stars around you to shine their light upon you, and the light you see around you; you believe that it is not yours, but that it is the light of the other stars.

You beseech us to assist you by shinning our spiritual light onto your physical experience, as you sit within the shadows of your being. To this we say, of course! We are here for you and All.

Let’s begin by looking at where you feel you are now. As you wrote to us, your heart ached! You expressed that you feel that you are missing something and this something is very specific. To this we say you are absolutely correct! Yes, you are missing the Truth of You!

You are looking in so many different directions, as if you are lifting so many rocks to look underneath to find the answer you seek. Yet, each time you lift a new rock you find it does not provide an answer, just more of the same confusion.

We say to you that what you seek cannot ever be found beneath the rocks or in-between the cracks along the pathway of your physical life.

You spend so much precious energy trying to uncover the source of true and unfading Happiness and Joy. It is almost like trying to capture a rainbow. You can see it exists, yet you cannot seem to locate its position. You strive to be happy, yet you have not allowed yourself to embrace joy or happiness.

This is truly what saddens you! This is what you grieve for as you place its value on things of the physical world. The correct path, money, physical accomplishments, do you really believe, within your heart, that these things are your source of happiness and joy? Do you also really believe that these things are being hidden from you?

We want you to know how beautiful you are! How bright your light shines. But you are the one who is to come to this realization through living the life of your choices.

You say that you’ve always known you were meant to do something. This something you feel is important and life changing. Again, we affirm your correctness! The life you are here to transform is your own. The one to awaken here is you.

The questioning of what to do, which path to travel…oh so much woe! You have shed so many tears, experienced so much frustration and feelings of incompetence as you have spent so much energy in the searching for the correct path; the correct direction to lead you to your happiness and fulfillment of a perceived destiny.

You say you are learning to listen to the Divine Messages. This is beautiful! But we ask you, are you listening to you? Do you not realize your Divinity? You are a Divine Messenger. You are all you need be!

You are suffering from the lack of this realization! You see, you believe yourself to be lacking in so many ways. Yes, you also see your strengths, but have not applied them where they are truly needed. Your courage, determination, and your strong will, are to be placed in the direction of your happiness!

You see, you are intelligent, kind, generous, loving and so very sensitive, not to forget, so attuned to the heart that is scares you away. You dare not feel too deeply, for to express your creative juices and let them flow you would lead you to venture deeply into the space of your heart.

It is for you to look closely at what scares you most. That is the direction to follow. Turn towards the heart and away from the logical reasoning sense that keeps you planted in the thought of lack

This lack is reflected in your perceived financial picture, as you fear your finances are not able to sustain you. Money is energy as is everything in the universe. Here this energy represents your present state of consciousness. What you believe about you.

The perceived lack of wholeness, the perceived inability to locate the correct pathway, is reflected in all areas of your experience. This is done to simply help you identify where you are in your thinking. Are your thoughts empowering or disempowering?

You see it matters not very much what path you choose, for you bring yourself with you wherever it is you go. That is why each new endeavor ends in disappointment.

Now just imagine for a moment if the ideal position where to fall into your lap, would you rejoice and say how deserving am I? Or would you accept this position holding the thought of; what if there is another shoe waiting to drop? Can I maintain this level of Joy? Hmmm.

What do you feel? Yes, you know the answer; we did say you are intelligent and so sensitive. You do hear your Divine Messages to self. When you truly listen! You receive Divine Guidance and are so very loved and supported all ways, but you do not TRUST! You question and doubt yourself! This results in confusion and frustration.

You see we can only point you in the direction of You. The True You! We cannot make you believe in you or shift your thinking to support the grandest version of you. This is your job! This is what you are here to do! This is the big job!

As you take the action to believe in you, the doors fly open to allow in all the events and people to support your vision of you.

So let’s look again at you! Yes, you are here to do something specific. You’ve always known this, as it is a message from you soul. You see, you are here to transform your beliefs about yourself. You are here to set yourself free! You are here to Love you! When you Love you—you Love All and you help to set All free!

You are a system buster! You are not here to fall in line and tow the rope (so-to-speak). No, you are here to set the way! But first, you must realize that you are the way! You must BELIEVE in You! The challenge is in the doing: The releasing of old ways.

You say you are learning to listen to the Divine Messages and we say you are finally beginning to allow yourself to be. You are learning to loosen up the grip you’ve had upon your happiness.

Listen now to the rhythm of your being as it is held within the whole of creation. You are to dance to the music of your own soul’s creation. Only this tune will be correct for you
We realize it is hard for you now, but you are to silence the music of other’s voices and dance your dance! Trusting and believing that you are a Divine Being!

When looking for financial security go to your consciousness and set the tone of I am secure in my being as I am One with all of life. I am a child of the One Source – God – Infinite Intelligence. As I place myself here, I am always safe, secure, and whole. The essence of the Divine within me is my source of all abundance.

Yes, attitude does matter, but beyond it is the truth of you. And that is revealed in each and every moment as your consciousness expresses in the form of life experiences. As you work to release all thoughts of lack, you will find all areas of perceived lack in your life dissolving, disappearing, to be replaced with the abundance of that which your truth.

This is your job! Your path! Your responsibility and the great task you are here to do; to find your way back to You! The true You! You will place yourself in whatever experience you need to for the accomplishment of this task.

Now for the day-to-day reality of what to do to make money, we would like for you to envision yourself being happy, feel deeply into this vision: then, Dear Shinning Star, look only within yourself for the answer of which direction to go. Let your light shine so that you light with pure joy.

Now, think what gives you joy? What makes you feel uplifted, inspired, peaceful, powerful, creative, and so on…?
Then think what tires you out, is boring, discourages you, and zaps you of wanting to experience more.

When you’ve answered these questions honestly, from your heart and not you logic and reasoning, this includes looking to your bank account; you will see clearly that you have the direction to move in. Be sure to proceed with the feeling that you are divinely guided.

The perfect path is open to you as you realize your true role is Self-Transformation! The opportunities will be released onto your path as you come into alignment with them.

So step with us into the Light of your ever shinning star!

Peace Be Yours,
The Voice of Divine Oneness


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How Do I Sit in Chaos and Experience Peace?

Question: I would value your thoughts. My job is fulfilling and I would love to do this the rest of my working career…however, it is a very dysfunctional environment. I have put a wall up and have isolated myself…how does one sit in chaos and have peace? How do I see poor behavior and still smile? How do I take down my wall and still be protected? How do I accept others that I do not have respect for? I yearn for peace in my head…and in my heart…Thank you for this service…You are an angel…

Dear Loving Soul,
Oh Brother! We call out to thee–the way to peace is within your Heart! It is your thoughts within your mind that we wish to address.  Now you’ve asked a series of very good questions. Each of which we shall speak to with Love.

In response to your questioning, we have many questions for you. Know that we ask you these questions to further your understanding of yourself and the world of which you live. Here within this space, we have a limited amount of information to share as we ever so gently place this information within your consciousness to continue to serve to illuminate your thoughts, bringing about a state of mindfulness of your thoughts words and deeds. Thus, resulting in the further opening of your heart’s space and expansion of your conscious awareness ultimately leading to the experiences you truly desire and deserve.

Let us begin first with the question, “How does one sit in chaos and still have peace?” You wish to experience peace and we want you to know that it is your birthright (as a divine being) to do so. You see dear One, Peace is your natural state of being.

The peace of which we speak is already yours. It is resting comfortably within your heart space. It is the truth of your being. However, you say it is not currently what you are experiencing as you are in your work environment. You suggest that your lack of peace is the result of dysfunctional others in this environment. This is your belief! The very thought that peace exists outside of you is the cause of your troubles: The belief that anyone or anyplace could rob you of your peace, would mean that you do not hold the power to experience peace from within.  This way of thinking is in direct conflict with the absolute truth of your being. Thus, you are experiencing a state of confusion with a lack of understanding how to bring peace into your experience.

Such beliefs are quite common. One might say, “I can’t relax because of all the negativity that’s surrounds me. If only I were surrounded by positive, like-minded souls, then I would be able to experience peace and joy.  This dear One is an error in thinking and the cause of much suffering.

We ask you now, how do you feel about you? Are you comfortable with whom you believe yourself to be? Are you content with your roles in life? Do you see yourself as a creator or a victim? Are you aware of your personal power to create? Do you enjoy your own company? What is the message being presented to you by your soul? Are you patient with yourself and others? Do you fell worthy enough to be deserving of a peaceful experience? Can you speak your truth to yourself and others? These are important questions to ask yourself.

You see each of your co-workers holds a mirror for you to witness your own reflection.  This is true for all the surrounds you. Begin to closely examine what you see in these mirrors. These are reflections of parts of yourself that you have yet to embrace. Instead, you chose to construct a wall to barricade yourself away from aspects of you that you are not willing to deal with.  So, your mind tells you it is for your own protection. We ask you, from what are you needing protection? Do you hold a belief that others have power over you? You see dear One, you are holding yourself away from experiencing the peace and joy in your life. This is due to your beliefs about you. As we examine some of your beliefs it will become clearer to you.

Your own feelings of inadequacy in relation to yourself and holding parts of yourself away from your loving embrace has resulted in your experiences being played out in your work environment. Thus, it serves you by creating the necessary opportunities for your soul growth.  In life, what may appear as obstacles or struggles is always a blessing in disguise.  Such blessings assist one in overcoming the weight of carrying false beliefs.

Now, our suggestion to you is to turn your attention away from the others in the environment and place it wholly on yourself.  You may begin by asking, what am I holding in my consciousness that is resulting in my experience of chaos and discontent in my work environment?  Your response may be that it is the result of tension between workers, back-biting behavior and lack of concern for the feelings others that make it a harsh environment and a place in which is uncomfortable to be within.

Okay, given that assessment examine how you treat yourself with your own self-talk and judgments. Are critical of self or are you loving and supportive of you being. Do you affirm your Divinity and beauty in all ways? Do you uplift your spirit and respect yourself in your abilities to love and accept love, freely and openly without expectations of perfect actions?

Let’s work on the treatment of self here. As you treat yourself that is the way others will treat you. If you believe in you, those around you will mirror that belief. So too, if you distrust yourself, others around you will mirror that distrust. If you do not respect yourself, others will not respect you. Here we are having you reflect on your behaviors so that you become aware of the opportunity to choose differently and adjust your behaviors to express love of self.

Oftentimes, one is truly unaware of one’s own thoughts and beliefs that they are holding about themselves.  It takes the process of self-reflection and personal accountability for one’s thoughts, words and deeds to lead to the awareness of behaviors and the opportunity to bring forth new thoughts that empower and create shifts in energy and experiences.  See, this is soul growth from self-loathing to self-love. Your current work experience affords you the setting to produce such opportunities.

All of you experiences in your life may be viewed as a series of opportunities to experience yourself as Love. Each event offers the means to grow more fully in love of self as Divine. Realize when you are not in the state of Love, you are in the state of fear. Thus, you create all of your experiences in order to move from fear to Love.

You may begin to recognize the messages being delivered to you by the reflections in the mirrors that surround you as you understand everyone and everything in your human experience hold up a mirror for you to see yourself. This is the beauty of your experience. You have endless opportunities to experience yourself as Love.

As you reflect on your environment at work and what you see as behaviors you cannot tolerate and individuals, of whom you cannot respect, say to yourself, what is it in my consciousness that I am not respecting and what am I not accepting about me?

If you choose to take these actions and follow through with choices that are self-empowering and uplifting, you will witness not only a shift in your own self-perception, but you will also experience a shift in those around you who are serving you so perfectly to mirror your own reflection.

In truth, you must ask yourself, where would I be without these beautiful souls? Look how they are calling to me to step into my power and realize the Divine Love of which I am; of which they and all are.

So as you ultimately shift your thinking thus, altering your perspective views of the others around you, you will find the peace that exists within you. You will understand that they never took anything from you instead they have given everything to you. Once this peace is truly realized chaos is no longer your reality. You are Peace!

It is all up to you! What will you choose? Do I remain in fear and hide behind this wall, or do I begin to tear it down as I learn to embrace and even bless the opportunities for self-love.

Remember to experience Peace, you must be the Peace!

Peace Be Yours,
Aumara as the Voice of Divine Oneness


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Guidance With My DIvine Destiny Path

Question: Beloved Theos,

I would be ever so grateful to receive guidance at this time. Thank you for this beautiful service to those folks like myself, who would otherwise perhaps not have the opportunity to work with you in this way.

I have recently come through many years of a serious illness. I have also released my previous life, most of my relations both blood family and otherwise, and I have let go of the life I knew and my old persona…really everything that I had known to be true. At 53 , I physically moved myself out of the Bay area, to this place here where I have been basically invisible, and still know no one but my healing team. I went from being a big hearted social butterfly my whole life, to being a complete recluse. I have lived my life  alone the last 10 years, and I feel I have been in some sort of SOUL preparation. I am perhaps finally feeling on the verge now of re-emerging back out onto the planet after many layers of healing Soul-work during these amazing transitional times o n planet earth.

My true hearts desire now, is to align with my  soul family and my Beloved Soul partner. I envision being of service to the up-liftment of humanity…by BEING Divine Love…and emanating that love through the Sacred Union with my Beloved partner and the love we share for one another, and for God…as we travel around the earth to Sacred sites, bringing Love and wisdom to those places we are called to, while also being activated in these places of power. Any other visions for being of service change consistently…and I remain open to whatever is highest wisdom of course.This does  seem to be the clearest vision I have for my future and has been for many years.

I have just returned from Mt Shasta, where I have spent my summers for much of 25 years. I am always drawn to move there, and again the possibility and the call to move there has once again come into my space. I don’t really think I could bare to move myself in a Uhaul truck again, and I don’ t have help in this moment. I also know I would manifest what I need if this is my souls true path at this time.  I really don’t know if living within the vortex of this Sacred mountain..or any vortex for that matter, is truly highest wisdom? I keep wondering if I am just  supposed to continue to go there to absorb  the Light frequencies, and then bring that energy back out to the world as I have done for many years?

On the big picture, I of course want to be “placed” in my right home for the coming times, and also where I can be of the greatest service. I want to be where I can also gracefully align with my Soul tribe, and live peacefully in harmony with nature.

Can you please guide me in terms of my Divine Destiny path at this crucial time, and also whether it highest wisdom for me to finally move to Mt Shasta, and if so when it is right timing? If not, is Grass Valley serving in my healing, and my soul growth, and will I finally connect in here?

Blessed Be.
In great gratitude,

Greetings Beautiful Sunshine,

You speak of so many heart callings! Your experiences have led you many places and you desire to continue to expand.  Your struggles have been great and you have been triumphant over so many obstacles that you have placed in your path of remembrance.

This is where we wish to begin now. Your life has been a dance down the path of remembrance. Along the way you have experienced great joys and also great sorrows, but all experiences propelling you forward to continue the dance; the fluid movement of your great being.

Along this path you have stopped to smell the flowers, and at times, you have passed by fields of plenty seeing only emptiness. You have bought yourself to great heights of ecstasy and deep depths of despair. You’ve seen yourself traverse many mountains and have sought to rest a bit along the way.

You’ve held within a hard lesson, one of which is unfolding and continuously present for you to participate within. Your perceptions have led you to physical destinations to recoil and rejuvenate. The allowing of yourself to express as you so desire, free of the perceived harmful influences of other environments, has been an opportunity to experience yourself more deeply.

You say, letting go of ‘old persona’ ways of being…and all that you’ve known to be true. Moving away to become introverted, the polar opposite of your original perception of self. Arriving now at what you believe to be a place of alignment and balance.  You say, that you wish to experience yourself as Divine Love, and to merge with your Soul family and Beloved Soul Partner.

Your vision is lofty and admirable! However, we ask you this: What keeps you from this experience? You say you can see yourself traveling to sacred sites to share your Love and wisdom, while receiving the blessings from these sites.

Dear One, know that we could go much more in detail here to develop the deepest understanding, but we feel you can follow all that we are saying and be open to allow for the undfoldment to take it’s natural course.

You also mentioned journeying to Mt. Shasta; a place in which you feel in resonance, but not yet sure if you can maintain yourself successfully within the mountain’s marvelous frequencies. You ask if you should relocate to this site.

To answer this question and all of your questions that you are expressing we would like to pose the following question to you: What is it that your Soul is saying to you? You see, this question is your dialogue with your Soul. The Soul wishes to experience the energies of expansion, to be FREE, while your mind continues to lead you deeper into the forest.

You see Dear Sweet Beloved; you are searching to find answers to a puzzle the you designed. Each time you come close to completing the puzzle, your mind creates new pieces, so the game continues. This is the fun of it! Dreaming, wondering leads one deeper into realities of the dream.

Meanwhile, the Soul says, come let’s experience freedom. Let’s be free! The Soul is calling you to return to the Source of Your True Power. The Sacred Site within You! Return Home to You…Your Heart Center…Your connection to Source.

You see, this is the Sacred Site you wish to experience. It cannot be expressed through the visitation to any physical site. Now, do not misunderstand what we are saying; the visiting of physical sites with highly charged energies maybe a wondrous experience for some, and if one is ready to receive may even assist in the further expansion of consciousness in alignment with the Soul. You see there is so much more we could say of sacred sites, but for you the most important message for you to receive is that you hold within your being all that you are seeking. All that you run from, all that you open to embrace ALL is contained within you. To comprehend this one facet is one step of spiritual development, yet to truly embody this as knowing is quite another.

You have asked for Mastership. The desire for Sacred Union is very much held within and will be your experience once you have stepped fully into Mastership.

So we say to you, embrace where you are, allowing for the experiencing of your truth to be revealed, not in Sacred Sites, or the presence of any other being, but within Your Heart. As you open to the True Divine Beauty of You…You are in the Highest Service…you are in all Sacredness. This will be your understanding as you come upon this.

Think about your physical location and ask yourself, do I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me? Is there present in my current environment the energy of which uplifts and inspires me? Does my body feel attuned with the frequencies of the land here?

Now ask yourself these very same questions about Mt. Shasta, and then you decide what you wish to experience. The places, people, and all you see and feel around you no matter where you are, are the reflections of what you are holding within you: The WHO you see yourself as.

You are ready now to step back into the world again with a more powerful presence. This is a natural order with the Divine Unfoldment of You.

Sit for a moment and take a deep breath into your body…allowing your body to be filled with the Divine Essence of You. Hold the breath for a moment and then release it freely, easily, and completely. Do this (3 times).  Then ask yourself: Where is it that I am most aligned with at this current moment? See or feel your vision for yourself – listening to the gentle voice and guidance of your Soul.

See! When you are truly ready to step-out and reveal your True Nature, you will experience the greatness of you, in the correct place with the Divine company you seek with the knowing that ALL IS ALWAYS AS IT NEED BE. There are no missteps… only opportunities to experience the beauty of You in each and every experience. No matter where you are, or who find yourself in the company of, you will always be present, in various states of knowing! You see there exists no Limitations placed upon, the only limitations you’ll ever experience are your own beliefs, and nothing happens before its time!

Journey well beloved!

Blessings of Great Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony!

Theos presented by Aumara Saatia Ra

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What is My Soul Purpose Here?

Dear Theos,

What is my soul purpose here? Hannah

Greetings Dear Divine Love,

You are connected with the feeling of not fully connecting to your Source. Thus you experience confusion, a feeling of loss, and even, at times exhaustion from trying to understand the depth of you.

We hear your question.  “What is my soul purpose here?” Ah! We hear this question plenty!  It is always being asked. This is a great concern for most, as it is felt that knowing One’s purpose is important in order to be correct.  As if you could ever not be correct.

You see, you are here as you term it, you are aware of your presence in this physical experience, aware of your physical form, and of a greater form as well! You can feel your higher-self. You can feel the sense of joy that rushes through you when you connect, and this is what you want to continue to feel. But have not been able to maintain this experience.  So it is that you feel it eludes you because you have yet to find what you believe is your ‘True Soul Purpose.’

Ah! This is a troublesome quest, is it not: Always searching for the purpose of your soul in this life experience?  Hmmm! What do I do now you say? Help me to see clearly you say! I will do whatever it is that is my Soul’s Purpose.  Just let me feel my connection! Let me experience the Joy, Love, Peace and Knowing that are to be accomplished by living my Soul’s Purpose.

If we were walking the earth with you, we would say to you, come and sit with us…let’s talk! Let’s share experiences. We could discuss some of your past experiences of which have led you to your current experience, or we could discuss your purpose here and now.

We would like to begin by telling you, that you are living your soul’s purpose in each and every breath. All that you do, every thought, word and deed is the experiencing of your soul! You are always connected, always working purposely together.

All of your experiences have purpose. Every chance (or what appears to be) chance meeting and everything in your life holds purpose, or your Creator would not have placed these things within your experience

You see all is truly connected! All people and all aspects of creation are connected together in the Great Web of Live. To come to the deepest understanding of the concept of all is One, is your Soul’s True Purpose.

You see Dear Beautiful One, You and all are here for the purpose of experiencing your True self: In all of its Glory! To fully embody this awareness and thus merge back into the One Source! You see, and we feel you understand, you are Divine Consciousness living in a physical form experiencing life on this planet for the completion of your journey of Self-Realization.

Now, having explained to you the greater purpose, we would say to you here is where the fun begins.  To live you soul’s purpose of Self-Realization, you get choose how you wish to experience yourself, to play out what we may call lessons or expressions to assist you in completing your soul’s purpose.

To do this you choose the course for how you will accomplish what it is that is attainable for your soul growth.  You see, there are unlimited avenues that you may choose to walk down. Each choice will present opportunities for soul growth.

So how do you choose which way to go? Where to live? Who to develop relationships with or what career path to pursue? While these questions may appear difficult to answer, they are not.  We wish you to know that you are always guided in the direction that you need be (this is where the lesson of trust is learned). Every experience that you (and all others) have, you drawn to you and is exactly what is needed in the moment to take you to your next greatest expression of you.

All paths hold the necessary lessons. Your purpose is to realize this. You are here now to learn to completely “Love and Accept” yourself! This is done by interrelating with others and the world around you. Realize you live your purpose by experiencing all that you do. It is through the development of trust, unconditional love, faith and the complete alignment with your Creator, (God, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, all names for the One Force in All). How you choose to be of service to your Creator is always up to you, it is the act of being in service that is your purpose.

So by now you have probably figured out that we have no intention of revealing to you through this communication what it is that you are to do of which you may label as a “Soul Purpose.” What direction you choose is to be your design based on your desire to experience yourself in life.  How is it that you feel you can best cultivate the understanding of the Divine essence of that which you already are? What act of service will assist you in realizing that you are a powerful being of Light that already exists in the body of the Creator?

Whatever you choose let all of your words, thoughts and deeds by done in love. For there exists a universal law based on the principle that states all shall reap that which they have sown. To extend the love and caring held within you to any other will serve you to experience this love deeply within. Show to others the caring, tender spirit you possess; share freely and learn to expect nothing in return. Give with Love!

Let these words be felt within your heart. Breathe then in deeply and allow yourself to be guided, knowing all is correct. Your destiny shall unfold unto you as it is already within you. Trust and Behold!

Peace Be Yours,

Theos / Aumara Saatia Ra

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Spreading Love and Light to Others

Dear Theos,

My name is Cheri and I am so thankful and grateful for this opportunity to ask a question. Thank you to Aumara as well for opening your special connection to all of us!


I am so blessed with a connection to my angels, spirits and guides and Arch Angels . However the very human part of me craves clear validation of some sort that I am understanding the messages correctly and I am passionately  seeking clear clairvoyance. So I ask beloved Theos and Spirit for direction in following this path so that I can use this gift to spread love and light to others and across this world. Thank you again for this opportunity. Namaste

Dear Cheri,

Ah! The Love of which is sent to you is abundant! We are here now to speak of the Love of which is within you! It is also abundant!

You see, all that you believe you wish to experience is already within you. Your connection to all you speak of as angels, spirit guides, and Arch Angels, are this of which we speak!

As you open to receive the Love of your angels or guides, are you not focused on your Divinity? Are you not concentrating on the Love which is present?

Yes,  you can feel our Love! Yes, you are aware of our presence within you! What you are truly seeking is to deepen your conscious awareness of our presence. You see, our Dear Love, we are with you to assist you in your understanding of that which you truly are. We guide you, we console you, and we even uplift you.

What better way to feel our connection at this time.  As you are open to the flow of our Love, you can feel the Divine Essence of you. You brighten and sparkle as you delight in our connection.

You ask if you understand our messages correctly and to this we say, if you feel the Love, which we are within you, then you correctly understand our touch. If you feel empowered you correctly understand! If you feel moved in the direction of your greatness, if you are uplifted, inspired, flooded with emotion, all is correct!

We are the Love of which you are.  We reach out to you and all who are asking to awaken to their true self. We speak only of Love. We will never ask you to do anything. We will advise, guide, support, and encourage you to explore the greatness of you! But we will never demand, command, or lead you anywhere, but within yourself!

You see Dear Love, we lead you home to you! We speak of Love, beauty of all that is you. We walk with you always. We encourage you to go deeper within to your experiences to feel your feelings, to cleanse and clear away beliefs that are of old and no longer support you.

We open you up to new experiences so that you unfold in the beauty of you – all in Divine order.

This is what we wish you to understand: You are so Loved! You are so beautiful! You are all that you’ll ever be in perfect Divine Expression. This is our message to you and all!

You ask how can you be of service and share this gift of feeling our presence with others. We suggest to you that you allow yourself to feel our Love and let it flow within and through you. Stepping now into the fullness of our Love.

You do like to write! You do love to explore your awareness of your day-to-day activities.  In this, you may open your heart to share authentically with your brothers and sisters around the globe. Learn your Truth – Be Your Truth, Share your Truth. This is a Way shower!  What higher service is there than being Love?

As you open to be and share the highest Love you can hold Love will naturally unfold within and around you. This is free from pressure to perform or be understood by anyone, it is a natural blessing.

We are saying to you to learn to open fully, to trust in our Love. Share our messages as you live them. It is by experiencing the way that one becomes the way. So it is Way shower!

You see, how you express yourself is always up to you. When you allow the flow of Love to be present and flow freely within it. The way is shown to you, you  do not need to find the way. We know you understand!

You see Dear One, you are already Love and Light! Be You, and your Love pours forth as your Light shines brightly. Speak from the heart! Write! Share your words. Let the Love flow.

You wish to have clear clairvoyance to be ever present within. Once again it already is, but has not yet fully manifested as you have some clearing to do first in the form of learning to let yourself flow. This will all come to you in exact Divine timing.

Know first, that you hold right here and now all you need to reach out to anyone and spread Love. Open your heart fully to yourself. This we say to you,  as you receive, so too you are to give.  As you receive guidance and flow within it, you pass it on to those who are to receive from you.

We ask you to sit quietly and let yourself imagine how you would like to share messages of Love with others. How is it you see yourself healing hearts? Let the visions flow and feel yourself in action watching where your imagination takes you and know we are there! Let yourself flow into the way for you! Remember to look not at any other, but hold your sight within you! Your unique gifts, your way is the only way for you.

Step into the Love – Be Joyful  – Share! Write! Speak and Sing!

We Love you more than you can imagine and are always with you!

We are The Voice of Oneness – The Voice of  Love –  known here as Theos


Theos and Aumara

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Why Teach Oneness?

Question of the Day – There are so many areas to focus on, why do you choose to teach Oneness?

 Dear Lynn,

This is a very good question and we will respond in resonance to the energy present at this time.

We are here to speak of Oneness! Our Love is here for all! We are to assist in the transformation of consciousness to Unity awareness. We are concerned not with the misinformation or mishaps of mankind at this juncture, we are ONLY interested in the teachings of Oneness – All Love – Only Love. We a present for all who wish to receive these teachings. We do not discriminate in any way. No matter what has been; we offer only the ‘Path of Love!’ We are not here to judge, condemn, or deny! We are the steady flow of Love Consciousness!

There are so many who are desperately seeking to elevate their position in the collective consciousness experiment. They are choosing many various forms of expression. Each is their choice! To this we answer – We provide a path – a path of Love not  a quick fix, but a guaranteed way to achieve what is in the heart. See!

If one would but apply these lessons with deliberate intent to experience the fullness of their being in each and every moment – Oh, what a world this would be!

So many are so busy taking up causes to rally against themselves. While they believe they are helping to elevate themselves and their brothers, they are in fact causing further decline of their consciousness. They limit their expansion and hold themselves and others deep in the cycle of fear. This is so very difficult for many to understand. It does not seem logical to turn from the causes, to the Self as the “Prime Cause.” The Love of Self must be taught – Must be Learned – Must be Expressed!  Love of Self – Life of Oneness is a must! This is why we have chosen to teach Oneness.

There exists an endless array of subjects we could teach to the enjoyment of many for the expansion of consciousness, but it would never reveal all this is to be. Only through Oneness are all to be freed for the enslavement of the mind to fear. Only Love will set all free! Only Love! No other force can do this! Yes, you can turn a lot of heads with magic tricks, but you can never fool their hearts  – they will not open unless the field is one of Love.

What is true alchemy? Who is the true alchemist? To turn a stone into gold is a cheap magic trick! To free the heart is the Truth – True Alchemy!  You see it is easy to learn rituals and perform feats to impress the mind – but the ones who are filled with Love – They are the true alchemists! They present the Magic of Love, where in all things are possible!

The Voice of Oneness is a message of Love to All! A way to open for some and for others a way to return, but for ALL – Love is every present!

Love is ALL,

Theos  – The Voice of Oneness

(Recorded through Aumara Saatia Ra)

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